June 21, 2021

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(Advice) “We tap for many reasons” by Tony Peranio


“We tap for many reasons”

by Tony Peranio of WBBJJ.com


When you train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu every week, you will eventually encounter issues that will affect your performance on the mat.


Life is a winding road that is constantly hurling obstacles our way, and is constantly forcing us to overcome challenges. Sometimes, you will experience “bad days” in the gym because of this. (Note: This article only pertains to people who train regularly. It does not pertain to grapplers who only train on occasion. Grapplers who train train only occasionally will simply take time off during times of adversity. For those of us addicted to BJJ, the thought of time off is quite simply, an impossibility.)


This is not meant to be a blog about excuses. My father always says, “The only good excuse, is no excuse”. Instead this blog is intended to remind all interested parties, that all of us are individuals, with diverse (and oft times complicated) lives.


There are many elements that factor in to each and every one of our submissions, and each and every one of our daily performances. Listed below are a few things that can affect your performance, and cause you to tap; that have nothing to do with the technique being inflicted upon you, and your ability to escape.




You have a demanding job, or school workload, but you still force yourself to make it to BJJ class. Your coach and your teammates have no idea what your day consisted of before you put on your Gi and stepped onto the mats. You might work in a factory moving heavy objects. Perhaps you were up all night long studying for a difficult test for school. Maybe you just worked back-to-back double shifts trying to make rent. You aren’t going to come into the academy wearing these facts upon your sleeve. You are going to put on your best game face and get at it the best way that you know how. Sometimes however, our hearts and our minds are susceptible to the realities of material existence. I say, kudos to you for making it to class, even though you were already exhausted. At least you showed up.


You have a nagging injury but do not want to be told to “sit out”. If you practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or any martial art, you are bound to encounter bumps and bruises on occasion. The BJJ addict comes to class neck sore, fingers sore, shoulders sore, knee popped, hamstring pulled, ankle blown and turf toe’d. We hope that no one notices. We hope hat we aren’t told to sit out, on the godforsaken sidelines. However, we may tap abnormally fast in certain situations, just so we can continue to play the game.


There are tons of problems that you could be having domestically. I have yet to meet the person who was living a perfect life. People have rough marriages, relationships and sometimes family issues. These bad feeling situations exist to help us to grow and to build character; however they may cause us to have the occasional bad day on the mat.


Sometimes I want to give my gym buddy a chance to land a submission. Sometimes, it is as simple as that. It could be a bright, sunny day. The stars could all be aligned in my favor. I could have just gotten a raise at my job, won the lottery, and found the girl of my dreams. That all being said, I try to offer a give-and-take relationship when rolling with my teammates. If I am double the size of my teammate or massively stronger, I will give them a chance. However, you have to be careful not to give too much of a chance, as to offend your teammate.


Sleep. I think for every ten people that I know, ten of them at some point, have had an issue with sleep. Some are insomniacs. Some work two jobs. Some are taking 15 credits per semester in college. Some live in apartments with noisy neighbors. Most of our healing and recuperation is accomplished while we sleep. Our coaches and teammates have no idea how many hours we slept last night. Instead of resting on our laurels, we get up, and come to BJJ class. Granted we may put up a lackluster performance, but at least we showed up to perform. To look at things positively, on days that we do not offer up our best performances, we gave our teammates that much more of a chance at improving their abilities!


Patience. This is not karate. It takes years, not months, to advance your belt color. So basically, what is the rush? Sometimes I just feel like having a good time. Sometimes I like putting myself in crazy positions and “bad” positions just to see what will happen. I will be dead to the world from rolling for an hour, and faced with the option to roll with a bigger advanced belt, or a smaller white belt. I will pick the bigger, advanced guy every time. He will probably smash and beat me, but again, “Who cares?” If you decide to take Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you had better be in it for the long haul! So be patient and have fun!




Keep in mind, I am just a simple white belt. These philosophies only seem right to me now, as one who is staring up at the summit of a mighty mountain, and does not wish to get burned out. I will show up regularly to BJJ class. I will show up no matter how great or how lousy I feel. If my performance is not guns blazing, kill ’em all, take no prisoners and let God sort ’em out; just understand that there are many issues, that make up the totality of each and every tap that is forced upon me (and other BJJ addicts like me).


I hope you all enjoyed the read!


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