December 26, 2014

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Ways That Jiu Jitsu Brings Family Closer Together


Ways That Jiu Jitsu Brings Family Closer Together


Anyone alive today will tell you that there seems to be a pronounced decline in family cohesiveness and togetherness. This is not my personal opinion (because I have not been alive long enough to see the progression take place) however it doesn’t take more than a short stroll through the history books and TV media to see that the family unit is indeed becoming further and further separated. Volumes of research have been produced on the topic and there are statistical warehouses of data that can be examined for exact numerical figures.




For this article though I would like to primarily focus on how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brings families together. Throughout this past year tons of parents have sent in their pictures, videos and stories of how they are enjoying their BJJ Journey with their children and loved ones. After having received so many fan and follower submissions I began thinking about Jiu Jitsu and the familial bond, and this is what I have come up with.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is primarily for self-defense, but it is also a game and a sport. Parents want their children to be safe and to be able to defend themselves. Children want these same things, but they want to play games and enjoy sports as well. Jiu Jitsu satisfies all of these needs in one fell swoop. Boys, girls, men and women can all benefit from and be successful with BJJ, and all of these rival factions can compete against each other. This is one of the main factors influencing BJJ and familial togetherness, is the fact that they can do it together, and yet against each other. Life is full of ironies.



(Dad enjoying last roll with his son as a white belt)


Sometimes a parent will take their child to Jiu Jitsu for such a long time that their own curiosities are awakened. Perhaps they decide they would like to be a more knowledgeable coach for their child. Perhaps they want to make sure that their child doesn’t become physically able to discipline them, instead of the other way around. “No Dad. I was telling you that I am borrowing the car, not asking.” Conversely on other occasions, the child may come to watch Dad or Mom do BJJ, and then they become curious and interested. The bottom line is, it’s hard to watch a room full of people doing Jiu Jitsu, without eventually wanting to try it out for yourself.



(Mom and daughter BJJ team)


Now that the family is doing Jiu Jitsu together, there is always something to talk about! There is always something to relate to. It is never a drag to go on vacations together because vacations usually revolve around BJJ tournaments!


The same holds true for BJJ couples. Inevitably your Jiu Jitsu practicing mate is going to insist that they try out a move on you. You realize that if you don’t learn to love this martial art, your relationship with this person is probably doomed because of their obsession. Every time you go to hug your boyfriend or girlfriend, they will be vying for double underhooks or some strange sequence of positioning that you do not understand. Sometimes they may even inadvertently go for the submission win and eventually you will find yourself saying, “I should really learn how to defend that.”



(First father/son blue belts at my academy)


The family that does Jiu Jitsu together, stays together. They enjoy their time together. They share a vast amount of commonalities. Everyone eats healthy, lives a healthy lifestyle and lives happily ever after.


What do you think? Do you know of any families like the Gracie Family? Where practically everyone does Jiu Jitsu?


Check out some more pictures that we have been sent below!



(Daniel V. and 10 year old daughter’s white belts)



(Coach “PA” George McGinnis and son)



(Brent A. with his daughter, son and Relson Gracie)