January 28, 2022

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This Video From Tim Spriggs Finally Convinced Me To Get A BJJ Notebook




This Video From Tim Spriggs Finally Convinced Me To Get A BJJ Notebook


This video came out a couple of weeks ago. After I watched it I remembered seeing coach Danny Ives and Julius Park teaching from their notebooks. I decided it was time to give note taking a try, even if the endeavor was nothing more than an experiment.


I can now confess to you that I am in deep regret of not having taken enough notes over the past 4+ years. I used to come home from Jiu Jitsu and would immediately go into “chill mode”. Now I take the time to recall the day’s technique (which facilitates memorizing the technique’s details) and I write it down inside of my new BJJ notebook. Also in the notes I write down who taught the class and what the date and time were.


After doing this for about a week I went back and read over my notes. I could not believe what happened. Every note took me right back to the class that I was in and I was able to visualize the technique as if I were actually there! Many times before I would come home and watch a video on YouTube that was similar to the technique that I had learned. That did not help me remember anything at all really.


I’m not kicking myself too hard however for not having taken notes thus far, because my early notes would have read something like this:


Coach taught a choke today. I couldn’t really figure it out and was too afraid to ask. Thankfully the other white belt and I made it through unnoticed and we eventually rolled. Rolling was great. I didn’t really land anything. I didn’t really survive either. It was super fun though.


Ya. Pretty much. Now that I know the terminology involved with Jiu Jitsu; note taking is much easier, enlightening and useful.


Thanks for the great video Tim!



My New BJJ Notebook. Hand-painted with Cryptic BJJ runes that only I know the meaning of.


The inside.