June 21, 2021

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Very Important Side Control Escape Details [NEW]




Very Important Side Control Escape Details [NEW]


In this video I demonstrate a series of techniques designed to make your opponent posture and thus regain guard.


Each of these techniques individually isnt high percentage, but the threat of these moves can illicit a lot of responses from your opponent that can set up escapes.


Having the ability to escape from Side Control all starts with having correct body positioning including your hands being in a safe place.


It’s important that these techniques fit well together against someone that likes to try and Cross Face and keep the hand by the hip. In the event that your opponent does get a Cross Face, controls with the hand over the body or grabs the pants near the knee, you will have to use a different set of escapes.


Besides the hand positioning I talk about the centerline and how to control in Side Control. Understanding what the person on top is going to do and what they are thinking will help you better understand the escapes as a comprehensive system to regain guard or gain the outcome of the individual techniques.


At any point, if they resist and take pressure off of you, that is your opportunity to slide a knee in, belly down or turn away.


With that being said, the hand that is controlling the tricep is very important. Most people that practice this try to dominate that hand solely with their arm. There is a combination of moving the hips into your opponent’s arm as well as pulling it into you that can be highly uncomfortable. If the person does not feel the need to move their hand from the floor by your hip then that means that your body positioning (specifically your hips) is off. Practice this until you get the pressure right.” – Great Grappling