April 23, 2021

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UFC Allows Aldo To Be Berated By Fans For An Hour In Dublin




UFC Allows Aldo To Be Berated By Fans For An Hour In Dublin


I have been watching the UFC for many years. I have also watched many pre-fight press conferences and post-fight press conferences. Never before have I seen anything like today’s UFC 189 “press conference” in Ireland.


Most notably, there was only one member of the press who asked a question.


For almost an hour the UFC allowed drunken fans to have a microphone and a world-wide stage to berate one of the most dominant champions in the UFC. Fans were allowed to curse Jose Aldo up and down. Conor MacGregor was allowed to snatch Jose Aldo’s belt off the table and hold it up for fans, without recompense.


Calling this event a press conference was a joke. Calling it a circus would be more fitting.


The poise and demeanor of Jose Aldo was staggering. He sat there and took every hit from the crowd like a professional.


I was a Conor MacGregor fan. Now I hope Aldo kicks his legs off.



PS. As a side note, Conor announces in the conference that he will not be doing No Gi worlds in Europe in April like he said he would.