April 9, 2020

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Top 10 Excuses To Use When Tapped Out By A White Belt




It can happen to anyone. When it does happen it is mortifying and horrific. You just got tapped out by a white belt.


You need to quickly come up with an excuse before being subject to ridicule from your coach and/or teammates. As also, you simply cannot allow a loathsome white belt the satisfaction of knowing that they beat you fair and square.


Below are my top 10 favorite excuses to give when a white belt taps me out. Enjoy.


1. I had a long, tiring day at work.


2. I was testing out my defense.


3. I’m really sore from working out at the gym (or from doing crossfit).


4. The mat was slippery so I lost my footing when trying to hip escape.


5. I was hoping coach would see, so he would know that you are improving and promote you.


6. I was just checking to see if you knew how to finish that submission. Nice job!


7. I saw your kids (wife, husband, friend) watching us roll and wanted them to see you beating up a higher level belt.


8. I rolled with coach tonight and he totally drained all of my energy.


9. I didn’t have time to tell you but what you did was illegal under IBJJF rules. (“You were reaping the knee” works well, or “your fingers were inside of my sleeves” is another good one.)


10. Wow. Looks like I can’t keep it playful with you anymore!


Memorizing these excuses and implementing them into your game will prove as invaluable as shrimping back to guard. Take it from this blue belt! You will thank me later!