July 14, 2020

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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The Art of Ukemi: How To Break Your Falls For Jiu Jitsu




The Art of Ukemi: How To Break Your Falls For Jiu


Although most of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu takes place on the ground, it is vitally important for the BJJ white belt to learn to to “breakfall”. Inasmuch as the white belt needs to learn how to take someone down to the ground, they also need to learn how to be taken down safely!


Ukemi comes from the Japanese root verb “ukeru”; to receive. In the sport of Judo, throws (or ippons) are utilized to forcefully throw the opponent to the mat. Therefore breakfalls are taught during the very first classes. In BJJ we do some breakfall drills but it is not always focused on as much as it should be.


Learning how to properly breakfall will teach you how to absorb the force that comes from a strong throw. Check out the videos below to learn how to breakfall safely for Jiu Jitsu.





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