April 23, 2021

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The 10 Best BJJ New Year Resolutions For 2020




1. Get more training time on the mats.
The only way to improve your game is to practice. The only way to practice is to show up to class. In 2020, dedicate more time to training at your BJJ club.

2. Compete.
Competition is an important part of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It can seem like a scary thing to do if you never have but trust me once you do you will love it and never forget it. One competition is worth 6 months of training in class. Who knows? You may even win!

3. Eat healthier.
There is no way around it. Eating healthy makes you better on the mat. Work on being healthier this year. Choose your meals before hand and prep them. You will reap massive dividends on and off of the mat.

4. Try a striking class.
Sometimes boredom can set in so why not try some karate or muay thai? It will only serve to make you a better martial artist overall. Using kicks and punches to setup takedowns can be quite fun and compelling to the BJJ practitioner.

5. Improve your endurance.
Do what it takes to make you last longer on the mats. Run up hills and stairs. Do sprints. Try not to sit out any sparring rounds. Two equally skilled athletes face each other. The one with the most endurance will win.

6. Focus on the basics.
Even black-belts practice their basics. Work on getting all of your basic techniques down this year. Tired of hip sweeps? Keep practicing. Work on getting 10000 reps to master a technique.

7. Work on your takedowns.
You might like pulling guard, but it’s still good to know how to get your opponent to the ground. Focus on takedowns in 2020. Having good takedowns can give you a major advantage in competition and especially in terms of self-defense. You would never pull guard in the street.

8. Drink less alcohol or give it up completely.
Drinking seems to be glamorized in the BJJ community. Tons of athletes post their after training beer or whiskey. Don’t fall any further into this trap. Read “The Easy Way To Quit Drinking” by Allen Carr if this is an issue in your life.

9. Lose/gain some weight.
Tired of being too fat or too scrawny for your liking. Research how to recompose your body and get to work!

10. Push yourself to be more aggressive.
People ask all the time how they can become more aggressive on the mat. They have the skills to pay the bills but fall shy when it’s time to make the kill. Learn how to stay focused in class and realize you are there for a reason. There is plenty of time to be social, but drill time is work time.

Hope you enjoyed this list! Have a great 2020 everyone! Big things are on the way from us so stay tuned!


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