August 10, 2020

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Test Your BJJ! New App Called “Rumblr” Lets You Find Opponents For Random Street Fights


This is great news for that youtube prankster drunk guy who’s always going up to strangers asking them if they “want a piece of this.” Until now, he’s had to wander the streets looking for opponents, but thanks to a new app called Rumblr all he’s got to do now is swipe right.

Rumblr is Tinder for fighting.

They take the hassle out of trying to find a stranger to fight. It’s really easy. You create a profile, you swipe through and choose everyone you want to fight, you get matched up with somebody, you talk some trash, set a time and a location, then it’s on.

Unlike Fight Club, the app actually encourages you to talk about it and to draw a crowd.

Take mattyice67, for example…

Until Rumblr came along, mattyice would have to hang out in the food court for hours, sometimes all day, before he could find somebody to fight him. It was seriously cutting into his hit-on-preteen-girls time, but thanks to Rumblr he can manage his schedule a lot more effectively now. With a face like that, mattyice is a hot commodity on Rumblr. Let’s see what happens when he gets a match…

It only takes a minute before Matty finds a match.

Instead of standing around doing nothing while he waits for the fries to cook, now Matty can line up some fights for after his shift.

Set the mood with some trash talk.

Before it’s time for “Netflix and kill“, the two combatants can exchange pleasantries to get in the mood for mutual combat.

Do you like to watch?

The fight’s on, so it gets added to the map. Now everyone in the neighborhood can show up to support their favorite street fighters, or just to watch some skulls get smashed.

There’s even a version for ladies and for groups. Think your group of friends are the toughest guys around? Prove it.

Know your opponent.

Rumblr will tell you your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Welterweight mattyice67 is a young Lyoto Machida with his karate skills, are you ready for the mattyice67 era? His record is a little rough, but that’s what happens when you’ll fight anybody at any time.

Having a bad day? Don’t take it out on your friends and family, take it out on complete strangers while you brush up on your trash talk and street fighting skills.

According to their twitter feed, the beta version has been released back in November 2015 which is a few years now but we have no confirmation when this app will be made public. However, the concept is very interesting while still being controversial we are yet to see if it something like this would be made public. [Source]


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