May 29, 2020

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Sprained Ankle From BJJ? Follow These Tips To Help With Quicker Recovery!


I had an ankle sprain in training a while back. I felt the ankle pop and then pain started. I was not sure of the intensity of the injury. I did a quick assessment which I show in the video.

This is by no means an all-inclusive or completely thorough assessment and should not be a reason to not see a medical professional. These are just a few aspects to look if you injure your ankle in training with a some tips to speed up recovery.

Try these quick steps:
1. Feel around the ankle to look for tender areas as well as any visible deformities in the ankle joint or foot.
2. Next see if you can move the ankle. If its swollen, stiff, and/or sore that is normal. If there is a noticable grinding, instability, the ankle feels out of place, then those are signs that a more serious injury occurred and seeing a medical professional is highly recommended.
3. See if you can stand on the ankle. If you can walk without much pain then thats a good sign as well.

Tips For Recovery:
1. Compression (Ace bandage or ankle brace)
2. Ice (my preference), or heat (I usually incorporate heat after 48 hours).
3. Range of motion for the ankle (Circles, Up and down, Side to side) to help regain motion and get fresh blood in the ankle to promote healing.
4. Elevate the ankle to assist with swelling.

Best of luck and hope this helps!





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