May 18, 2021

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Slap? Bump? Nope. Double Leg!!




The desire to win is intrinsic to human nature, however sometimes it can manifest itself in rather malodorous ways. All of us who practice Jiu Jitsu share a general camaraderie with one another to the extent that when we face an “opponent”, we can see in their eyes someone who has wrangled with the same hardships that we have. That mutual recognition bequeaths us treat each other with a mutual level of respect; generally speaking.


One of the first lessons we share with the brand new white belt is the slap-and-bump before beginning combat. It is a simple gesture that represents the notion that, “We are friends, and now we do battle.”


In this recent BJJ match that went to sudden death overtime, one of the competitors in the heat-of-the-moment, forgot our code of sportsmanlike conduct. I’m sure it was a spur of the moment error and accidental, however this video can serve as a lesson to white belts, that winning, is not worth a loss of honor.



What do you think? Was this a deliberate unsportsmanlike action or a heat-of-the-moment accident?