October 6, 2016

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Side Control “Critical Concepts Made Basic” By Adem Redzovic




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Side Control “Critical Concepts Made Basic” By Adem Redzovic


“If you’re flat you’re dead, if you’re on your side you’re alive” – Adem Rezovic


Adem Redzovic is well known for his conceptual style of teaching. In this video he breaks down the most important concepts on surviving and escaping side control. He discusses the philosophy of side control escapes under two different circumstances; Self Defense and Sport.



How to deal with posture. Getting to the right position.
Essential Movements: Side to knees, Forearm to post knees, Double forearm post to knees, Hide your inner hip, Turtle guard transition
The Shield Philosophy
Underhook to stand up
Underhook to guard reset
The elbow push
Troubleshooting 1: Front Headlock early defense
Troubleshooting 2: D’arce choke counter
Changing the angle
Changing the angle to guard replacement















Watch this great Side Control tutorial here: https://www.digitsu.com/adem-redzovic-basically-escaping-side-mount-on-demand-p-63.html


I am personally forever thankful to Adem for his “Open Guard Translated” video featured for free below. If you learn from it, imagine how Adem can keep you out of side control with his wisdom.