September 18, 2020

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Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor Becomes 5th American BJJ Black Belt World Champion In History!


IBJJF Worlds 2018 is now over and the dust is settling. It was an awesome tournament overall and some history was made as well.

For the 5th time ever in IBJJF history, an American has won a black belt world title!

The title was won by Maryland native Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor. He won the featherweight title by defeating Leo Saggioro in the Finals, 4-2.

From BJJheroes.com:

Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor was born on December 8, 1995 in Suitland, Maryland – United States of America.

Growing up very connected with sports, Shane played football and practiced Tae Kwon Do in his early childhood. Jiu-Jitsu crossed Jamil’s path at the age of 8, when he was convinced by a few friends to join Team Lloyd Irvin’s (TLI) Summer camp. The experience greatly enhanced his interest for grappling as he explained:

During my first week of camp I was told to pass one of the grappling kids guard, and for 5 minutes I tried to run around the legs with no success. From that moment on I wanted to train and at the end of the Summer I was put into the grappling program.”

At TLI’s Jiu-Jitsu kids program Shane met Donald Achnick (also known as “Master Donnie”). Achnick became a strong influence in Hill-Taylor’s development as a BJJ athlete, following Jamil’s evolution throughout all belts.

Shane Hill-Taylor first started competing in 2005, immediately falling in love with the tournament aspect of this martial art/sport. His interest expanded further once Shane witnessed (from the sidelines) his first IBJJF World Championship back in 2009. He decided then he wanted to pursue a career as a professional grappler, competing the following year in the sport’s most important tournament, placing second in the blue belt juvenile division.

Shane’s jiu jitsu skills showed potential for greatness from early on, pilling important titles to his vast grappling resume, including 3 world titles and 2 pan american titles in the lower belt divisions. Trophies that led Hill-Taylor to his black belt, a promotion that occurred on June 2016.

Shane represents a new generation of black belts and MMA fighters who have been doing the sport their entire lives, and are now old enough to show the world what’s next for the sport.

Only 4 other Americans have one the world title at black belt. They are:

BJ Penn IBJJF World Champion 2000

Robert Drysdale IBJJF World Champion 2005

Rafael Lovato Jr IBJJF World Champion 2007

Michael Musumeci IBJJF World Champion 2017

Shane has also never been submitted in competition.

Follow him on Instagram @jamilbjj




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