January 28, 2022

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SCRAMBLE BJJ Gear And Gi Review!


The awesome folks at SCRAMBLE sent us over some of their gear to review!

They sent over their Old School classic T-shirt, their Standard Issue Semi Custom Black Gi, and their Kimono Backpack.

I took a month to try everything out to make sure that I wasn’t just giving an “out-of-the-bag” review.

I also like to buy my gi’s a size larger. This is an A3 but I wear an A2. I wash and dry my gi’s repeatedly until they eventually stop shrinking at my size. An air dried gi starts to get to funky to soon for my liking. This gi now fits me like a glove and has stopped shrinking. Boom!

Lets get started check out the little unpacking video I made below:


Now I’ve tried everything out and here is my synopsis and review!

I have more than 15 gis. This gi is not too light and not too heavy. It is literally right in the middle of the two. I don’t feel like my collar is going to get ripped as with lighter weight gis. I also feel that my body is able to breathe during intense rolling sessions.

The thing that people in the academy noticed and liked the most was the lack of any patches. It really gives a sort of ominous look (which is why I wore these ominous glasses). The gi does come with 9 patches that you can choose to put on or not. I am honestly going to just put my white belt bjj patch on there. Speaking of, if anyone buys this gi message the page and I’ll send you out a white belt bjj patch for free. You just pay for the shipping.


The pants are a very soft material that makes you want to use them as pants to lounge around in.

The stitching is well done and in straight lines. With some janky gi companies the stitching looks like a drunk man built a highway.

The t-shirt is sure to get eyes in and out of the academy. It has a bit of a price tag at $34 but when you wear it, you realize this isn’t your everyday, knock around t-shirt.

This is the t-shirt you wear for a night out and you are trying to look dope and show off that you will choke someone out if they mess around.

The backpack is absolutely what I would be using if I was in school, or had kids in school they would be rocking it. It is a totally unique design that people are going to ask you about. It fits an entire gi, a laptop or tablet, plus a t-shirt and trinkets. It also fits plenty of books if you are into that sort of thing (just kidding).

For every day gym use it may not work for everyone. I carry a LOT of stuff around in my bag (Muay Thai sparring gear, etc). I’m not saying you can’t use this bag for everyday use in the gym; just that I can’t.

I’m pretty certain the point of this bag is to look awesome and show off your BJJ coolness though. I mean look how much cooler I look with it!


Don’t for get to visit scamblestuff.us to pick up these and other great products and thanks for checking out this review!!


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