April 9, 2020

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Russian Grappler Suffers Broken Neck During Match




The young Russian Aliev Payzutdin, an amateur grappling fighter, suffered a chilling neck fracture during a fight in St. Petersburg and was paralyzed.

Payzutdin, 25 , was playing the unofficial Open World Grappling Cup tournament. In one of the fights, he tried to escape from a grip of his rival, but he took a shot and the young man fell with the full weight of his body on his neck.

In the video, recorded by a viewer, you can see the fighter lying on the floor and screaming in pain. According to The Sun, Payzutdin was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed “with a cerebral contusion, a closed head trauma and a fracture of the cervical vertebrae with damage to the spinal cord.”

According to NEWSru, the companions of the athlete, who works as a crane operator, started a fundraising campaign on social networks to pay for their medical treatment.

The fighter was operated and is in rehab. “ There are positive signs. He is aware, he communicated. It is true that he cannot speak, he is with devices, but he communicates, “trainer Cairo Zakiev explained to 360 TV.

In addition, he clarified to the same media: “He is 25. The young man also works in sports. He is very positive, a hard worker, an active type”.

“No one in our life is safe from accidents. This incident happened to our compatriot during a fighting competition in St. Petersburg. The athlete received a serious spinal injury and now needs financial assistance (…)” explained the area Press office of the Ministry of Sports of Dagestan, city where the young man lives.


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