July 23, 2021

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Roy Dean – The Collection: Judo, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu




Roy Dean – The Collection: Judo, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Jiu Jitsu is a journey.


It’s an art. It’s a system of movement; of self defense.


It changes lives.


So where do you turn first? You know where you want to go. You want to learn how to fly; to learn from legends, to always keep fighting, to overcome each and every obstacle that’s between white belt and black. There are many.


I’ve climbed that mountain, and I’ve shown others how to do it as well.


That’s what the collection is. All of my instructionals, for you. It’s a decade of showing others how to use their body; the angles of off-balancing, how to move efficiently, the path to success, and the principles which underpin it all.


Jiu Jitsu is movement; spirals, pressure, technique, mentorship, precision. It’s testing it out in the field of battle. Having fun and seeing what really works for you.


There is so much to know. To understand what Jiu Jitsu really is, and where it came from; it’s not about first place. It’s about victory over ourselves. It’s about physical literacy in a world that needs as much literacy as it can get.


We need to know what’s real; what actually works, so that we can move with security and real purpose in our lives. That is the real understanding. That is the true confidence.


You have to realize that Jiu Jitsu is not about having a single hand raised; it’s about two hands coming together in the spirit of friendship, and respect.


Roy Dean