June 28, 2022

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Purple Belts Who Compete In The IBJJF Will Need Membership In 2018


In order to register and compete at IBJJF Tournaments some athletes must have a valid membership Id:

– All kids and juvenile Athletes (17 years old and younger)
– Purple belt Athletes (Starting on January 1st, 2018)
– Brown belt athletes
– Black belt athletes
– All belts Brazilian residents (CBJJ)
– All belts Italian residents (UIJJ)
– All belts Portuguese residents (FPJJB)
– All athletes that wish to compete in tournaments held in Brazil

You can register by clicking this link: https://www.ibjjfdb.com/Account/Login?returnUrl=%2f

Membership Cost:

Athletes up to 17 years old – $25.00 USD.
Athletes 18 years old and older: First membership – $40.00 USD.
Membership renewal – $35.00 USD.



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