August 4, 2020

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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WBBJJ Private Lessons #5 – Coach George McGinnis






In the past you have seen our “Private Sessions” interviews, where we get to know various BJJ players. Now we will also be doing “Private Lessons” (you see what we did there?) videos featuring some of our favorite Jiu Jitsu personalities.


For our fourth installment of Private Lessons we are featuring Coach George McGinnis! Coach George is a friend and frequent guest instructor at my academy (Tony). In this video George teaches us the fundamental Americana or Paintbrush from Side Control. Included are lots of details that perhaps you have not seen before and can put to use! Enjoy! Oss!



Thank you Coach George for the technique!


If you would like to film a Private Lessons video for us, or know someone you would like to see do a Private Lessons video, please contact us!