September 18, 2020

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How BJJ Will Change Your Life-There are at least 7 ways that BJJ has improved my life,in particular my Mental health problems since I started training in September 2016. This is about the 1st way, or the Episode 1 in the 7 part series.
There will be another one of these next Sunday and the 5 Sunday’s following that.
I started training at our BJJ Academy the week after my 40th birthday.I will have been training for 4 years this September and I am presently a Blue Belt with two stripes.
I train at least once a week, sometimes it’s twice, my busy family and work life permitting. I have played team sports like rugby and football.I have run marathons and I do a lot of sea swimming as part of my job as a Seafront Officer.
BJJ is without a doubt the most complete exercise discipline I have ever done. I also think it has probably done a lot more to help my OCD and depression problems than anything else.

I genuinely urge you to try it.

I especially urge you to try it if you are any of the following….

1) A man
2) A 40 year old man
3) A 40 year old married man.
4) A 40 year old married man with 1 or more children.
5) A 40 plus old married man with children who has a stressful work life.
6) A 40 plus married man with children,a stressful job and mental health issues.
7) A 40 plus married man with children,a stressful job and mental issues who wants to be the best version of himself and set the best example possible to both his sons and daughter.

Please let me know what you thought of the first episode by commenting below.If you got something from this video please give it a like.If you want to make sure not to miss the next 6 episodes then why not subscribe to my channel.

All the best
James aka
The Middle class rapper and weekly Middle aged Scrapper.


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