April 23, 2021

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Need A New High Quality Rashguard Or MMA Shorts? Check Out Sundae Knights!




Are you in the need for some high quality no gi gear at a great price? We suggest checking out www.sundaeknights.com.

They offer a wide variety of modern designs for men, women and children but what really stands out is the quality of the garments. There was some thought that went into making this gear.

Also the shorts have a very secure system of staying “Buttoned” without the use of any zippers or buttons (which are not ideal for MMA or No Gi BJJ). Instead there is very sturdy velcro and a string to tie the shorts tight.

Immediately I noticed that the rashguards had extra length and durable extra stitching at the bottom to prevent rashguard from riding up over your belly. (For some people this is not an attractive look at all!)

The next feature would be the way the MMA shorts are designed. Obviously the are no outside pockets for toes or fingers to get caught on. The shorts are also designed to allow full, comfortable range of motion with your legs. You can do a split in these shorts with ease.

The only real issue is that you will want to be careful to keep the string away from the velcro as the velcro is so strong that it can begin to fray the string.

This great gear could be sold for twice of what it’s worth. In general you are looking to spend about $40 per piece of gear. Be sure to use code WBBJJ at checkout to get an even better deal! We got your back!

Lastly they have a really cool limited edition gi that you can purchase as well. Be sure to check it out before you end your shopping visit to www.sundaeknights.com!


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