April 23, 2021

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Motivational BJJ Advice By One Of The GOATS | Roger Gracie




Because it’s very difficult for you to learn all the techniques and all of the details of the techniques you learn, and if you think in one year Journey when you juice it from day one to after that Year, you are still a viable average with people who trained twice a week 52 weeks a year. It’s a hundred for classes to attend my school; you learn let’s say two techniques for class.

It’s over 200 techniques. I should be a master, you know, 200 moves. How many more you want? I’m not going to hunt your moose. I’m good. There was a round. I’m really good at it. I can count them in my hands; the rest I can be good at, but the ones that you really good is very, very few.

You don’t have to be good in a hundred things. You have to be good in 10, if you’re really good in 10 you can catch people.

You don’t need to learn the whole set of rules. I’m not good enough. I just do what’s appropriate for me to be a black belt. I need to know those moves you don’t and how to make them work? That’s the hardest thing, you just don’t try to deny it. Suddenly. I’m gonna learn the miracles to a submission that’s going to catch everyone. There’s no life saving technique or something’s going to catch all your training Partners.


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