Make Them Scared With This Choke


This Choke works! I showed it to one of my students who also has a YouTube channel @thejiujitsutherapist and he hit it at his last three ibjjf tournaments! I also showed this to my girlfriend and she hit it at her last Fuji tournament.

It is easy to hit you just have to see someone sticking their head out there and bam lock it on. The elbow to chest detail will stop your knee shield from getting smashed as easy. It makes it so you can pry their head up and use it to re set or go for this Choke.

Now sometimes your opponent will go into a death roll just be ready to take their back or the mount which ever you can get to first.

The idea of switching people out came from my roommate at the end. He helps out a lot with the recording and ideas for my channel so big thanks to Brian!

P.S no liabilities




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