July 9, 2020

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Joe Rogan Not Going To Support Metamoris Any Longer




Joe Rogan Not Going To Support Metamoris Any Longer


It all started when Garry Tonon released this statement as to why he would not be fighting at Metamoris 6:




To which Metamoris replied:




Then Joe Rogan had this to say:


That’s pathetic. I will not support them now. They also don’t hold nearly enough events for athletes to stay sharp enough to compete at their best if they competed exclusively for them. This is a horrible way to approach what has the potential to be a huge sport.


Could Joe be swayed in anyway by the growing success of the Eddie Bravo Invitational (a tournament with similar rules owned and named after his Jiu Jitsu coach)?


Who know’s but the drama is already swirling around this highly anticipated event! What do you all think? Check out the new Metamoris 6 trailer below!