September 26, 2021

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How to Wrestle in BJJ by Using the Gi to its Maximum Potential




Worm wrestling is all about FEAR, manipulation and control. The knowledge from Chapter 14 of the Lapel Encyclopedia will infest your opponent’s mind, making them feel unsafe, insecure. When they are insecure they will make more mistakes, they will freeze, without even executing the feeble maneuvers they had planned.

That is a bold claim, so let me paint this picture for you. You are a smart person, you invested in the Encyclopedia. You had 3 chapters teach you the concepts, 2 were about passing and submissions and about 8 were about playing guard… Now…

You’re rolling or competing and you tiger swipe the lapel away from your opponent, you grab it and you start doing your thing, twisting that piece of cloth and foam around your and their legs in unspeakable ways. Your opponent is no slouch, he/she recognizes what’s going on, knows that to push towards you means sure defeat as you’re quite nifty and ready with your lapel trickery.

That’s why your opponent lets fear take over and they start pushing against you, backing away, trying to make themselves small. They’re leaning back, posturing up, trying desperately to break your expert grips.

Then when they think they almost got away, your foot shoots out from the worm hole, they see a small opening and then… you’re on your knees. Oh god. They panic, they do a desperate sprawl, but it doesn’t work! You got to a wrestling position WITH the lapel. Now they’re getting pulled up, like a child rolling with an adult and the tornado starts. You’re off-balancing them, they’re jumping around until the ground comes closer. Bam. They’re on the ground. “F%$#! Ok, that was unexpected, he got on top, it’s just 2 points.” That thought jumps from one neuron to the other in 0.3 seconds and then it hits them! You STILL have the lapel grip and you’ve also flanked their guard. You worm wrestled them and then used the same lapel to get a devastating start for your passing sequences.

Now, your opponent’s anguish is complete. Fear infiltrated their head and even if they recover, the next time you grab their lapel… they will know how much they don’t know. But you knew what you have to learn. You chose knowledge over fear and that knowledge triumphs over fear and gets you… victory.



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