July 5, 2020

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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How To Properly Pull Guard In BJJ (If You Are Into That Sort Of Thing)




My name is Nathan Mendelsohn, 2nd Degree Black in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and former Number 8 ranked Adult Black Belt Middleweight Gi athlete in the world (Flograppling Rankings).


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My goal over the course of my next series of “Technique of the Week” videos is to get each and every one of you to finally learn how to PROPERLY pull guard in competition. An improperly executed guard pull can ruin your chances of winning a match and give your opponent an easy path to victory whereas a properly executed guard pull can start you off in a strong position of your choosing and leave you one step ahead of your opponent! Pulling guard is one of the things I see people mess up on the most so pay close attention to the details in this video! Check my last video for how to pull to the Lasso/Spider guard properly and the video before to learn how to pull to the De La Riva guard properly! In this week’s video, the final video in the series, we will work on how to pull safely to a Closed Guard in competition! Take this sequence back to your academy and drill it then send me a message here or on instagram (@nathanmendelsohnbjj) with any questions or concerns! OSS!

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