May 29, 2020

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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How Can I Get Better At Escapes From Side Control And Mount




How Can I Get Better At Escapes From Side Control And Mount


I recently received a question from a BJJ White Belt. He asked how he can get better at escapes from side control and mount.


I’m pretty sure that this is the number 1 BJJ related question I get from white belts in the beginning. Because they lack the skills to be effective. They spend a lot of time in bad positions like side control and mount.


So in this video I give 4 tips that can a white belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu (or anyone really) can use to improve at escaping bad positions.


The tips are (starting with simplest to more in-depth):


-Learn to take a deep breath when you find yourself in bad positions during BJJ rolling.


-Focus on using the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques you’ve learned rather than just pushing and shoving with no rhyme or reason.


-If open mat or extra free mat time is available. Had a partner attack you in your worst position.


-If time is not available or just another way to do it. Find someone you can beat and let them put you in the worst positions possible


As I share in this video. All of these tips have had a big impact on my game so I hope they help you as well if you’re struggling with escapes from side control and mount.


Thanks guys!


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