July 5, 2020

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How BJJ Stopped My Son From Being Bullied


Richard D. Avila
Kids Black Belt Club Instructor
Ivey League MMA
Arnold, MD


As a parent one of the biggest fears one has is for the out right physical safety of your child. A major goal my wife and I have is to make sure that we prepare our children so that they can navigate life without us being there. I have personally trained in BJJ for about five years, all three of my children currently train with my two oldest having trained for close to five years and my youngest for about two years. They are confident, strong mentally, highly trained and in great physical shape.


What is it about BJJ training that gets kids to this place? In training BJJ your child will learn real techniques to defend themselves, a safe environment to actually practice these technique and finally the mental toughness that comes with training in a live scenario. In BJJ there are no complex routines or “katas” to master where one is basically punching air. When they spar they are able to go at speed and do not have the real risk of serious injuries that are common in the striking arts. This is a powerful combination and truly impacts the psyche of your child in a positive manner.


A personal story. My middle son, Dax, was in third grade and walking home from school when a bigger fourth grade child started to push on him, the fourth graders friends circled them both and started to chant “fight! fight! fight!” – he kept his cool as the other kid went to push on him again he basically deflected the push and put the kid into a rear naked choke. Go to You Tube, and see what a “Rear naked choke” is. The bully realizing that he was in a real bad situation basically freaked out in fear and my son let him go. This child did not have enough a week or so later he came at my son again and the same result occurred. Basically my son stood up to the bully, executed what he had been taught, and has not been messed with since.


Finally, getting your child training in BJJ is something that they can engage in their whole lives.




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