August 5, 2020

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Dillon Danis Talks About Facing Joe Lauzon At Metamoris 6




Dillon Danis Talks About Facing Joe Lauzon At Metamoris 6


Joe Lauzon has excellent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills. But Dillon Danis is amazing.


He is part of Marcelo Garcia’s “Brown Belt Dream Team” that destroys the competition at any tournament they attend.



(Photo from Dillon Danis’ Facebook Page)


I have been following his progress since 2013. This 21 year old Parsippany, New Jersey native is about to become a huge star in the Jiu Jitsu world. He was well known before, but being invited to Metamoris 6 to face UFC crowd favorite veteran Joe Lauzon, gets him worldwide press coverage.


Since he is little known to the world at large, a casual fan might think that this match will easily go to Lauzon because he is an experienced Brown Belt with an abundance of UFC experience. Those fans should think again. Dillon is a 4 stripe Brown Belt under Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend Marcelo Garcia.


Danis is a Jiu Jitsu purist while Joe Lauzon spends the bulk of his time training MMA, which of course is largely made up of Jiu Jitsu, but training to mix strikes in with grappling takes much time and mental capacity.



(Photo from Dillon Danis’ Facebook Page)


I had a some questions to ask Dillon about this upcoming match-up and he was kind enough to answer:


WBBJJ.com: Danis thanks for talking with us about your upcoming Metamoris 6 bout against MMA veteran Joe Lauzon. So, first things first, how does it feel earning your spot on such an illustrious stage?


Dillon Danis: It’s surreal. I’m just a kid with a dream that’s fighting a legend In the UFC someone I admired growing up it just shows in life if you want something you got to go for it.


WBBJJ.com: I don’t know if you are allowed to answer this yet or not, but have you been offered an exclusivity deal with Metamoris as some other fighters have?


Dillon Danis: I really don’t know what anybody else’s offers are nor would I speak on anyone’s behalf. But my contractual and obligations with Metamoris are personal matters that I professionally prefer to keep private.


WBBJJ.com: Joe Lauzon recently stated that he does not think your match with him will go past the 5 minute mark but it will be a match that the fans will love. He also didn’t say who he thought would win. How do you see the fight going?


Dillon Danis: I think it will be a interesting fight Joe Lauzon has 17 submissions in his pro MMA career which is highly respectably but I will do what I always do, impose my game on him. I don’t know how, but I will have my hand raised.


WBBJJ.com: Will Marcelo Garcia be cornering you?


Dillon Danis: Marcelo is expecting a child soon. So unfortunately he will not be able to make it but I know he’s there in spirit watching from back home.


WBBJJ.com: Are you taking in any training with some unfamiliar faces? Or will you be doing all of your training at home with your team?


Dillon Danis: Basically all my training will be at MG’s but I will be training with some specific old teammates as well like Jim Miller, Jimmy Hettes and Brian McLaughlin.


WBBJJ.com: You are still a young guy with the whole world ahead of you. Any interest in moving to MMA in the future? Or it strictly going to be BJJ for life?


Dillon Danis: Yes I actually have an itch for MMA I think I will for sure fight one day just I don’t know when I used train a lot of MMA with a lot of high level guys and I think that has made me the fighter I am today.


WBBJJ.com: Alright well thank you very much Dillon. I know you are very busy so I won’t keep you any longer. Thank you very much for the interview and best of luck on May 9th!


Dillon Danis: Appreciate it, thank you to all that support me, my MG family, my sponsors and my family for the ongoing support!



(Photo from Dillon Danis’ Facebook Page)


Below are some videos that will help you get to know Mr. Danis a bit better!






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