“Diaries of a White Belt” by Isabella Farley



Isabella Farley (center)


Diaries of a White Belt

Written by: Isabella Farley

Edited by: Samantha Montague


The world of Jiu-jitsu is quickly changing with an increased number of competitors and spectators. Events are popping up everywhere. The eruption of this sport and the close-knit community seems unstoppable.


For the unknowing, a person who has not been sucked into this way of life, you soon realize, after stepping on that mat for the first time, that this has become your life. It is your new obsession. You will google Jiu-jitsu; you will read a copious number of blogs; you will spend hours watching YouTube videos. An attempt will be made to distinguish one competitor’s body from another. There will be a gaggle of limbs and no method to tell them apart.


Strangers from all over the world will start adding you to Facebook simply because your profile picture is of you in your Kimono, which we refer to as our Gi. You’ll undoubtedly find it amusing to chat with people for months online after never having actually met them. When you do meet at a tournament, it will feel like you’ve known them your whole life. You will swiftly realize that anyone who does BJJ is unquestionably part of your extended family. You form this incredible bond with your team, which only choking someone on a regular basis could create. We all share an incredible bond that no other sport has: a mutual respect between one another. It is more than just a sport – it is a way of life.


Suddenly, your time is dedicated towards Jiujitsu. You start eating healthier; never have you eaten so much salad. You start running so you don’t run out of juice half way through a match. You lift weights so you can be stronger than your opponent. Even though you swore you would never, you now do Yoga. Participating to become more flexible, and watching to see extremely fit and manly guys in an upside down dog position will surely make your day. You stopped drinking, you stopped smoking, you stopped going out of Friday nights with your girls. You will not ever miss a competition class on Saturdays. You’ve even started watching what you say on Facebook; because you wouldn’t want a sponsor to hear you bitch about trivial matters, risk disappointing your coach, and embarrass your team.


Your friends will not understand why you’re always busy. When they do finally see you, they will keep making sex jokes about “BJJ” or call it Karate. It will drive you nuts! Before BJJ, you always forgot birthdays but now you will remember the dates, locations, and times for your next 5 tournaments. Your coaches’ opinions will matter more than your parents’ ever did.  You will begin to hate Fridays and Sundays because your gym is closed and all you want to do is Roll.  And dating? You’ll only date someone who rolls, otherwise they would interfere with your training. You’ve stopped buying shoes and clothes, so you can afford a Shoyoroll Gi, because nothing feels as natural on a fighter as a coveted Shoyoroll, the Cadillac of Kimonos.


As a female competitor, this demanding sport makes you feel powerful, strong, and unstoppable and it boosts your confidence. It revitalizes you.  It gives you a reason to get up in the morning. It makes you resilient. It drives you. Jiu-jitsu changed my life, and it will change yours, too. For those willing to put the effort forward, you will be rewarded by the gifts Jiu-jitsu will provide and you be adopted into the BJJ family.


Thank you very much for reading! Hope that you enjoyed! – WBBJJ.com


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