“Diaries of a White Belt Pt. 2” by Isabella Farley



Isabella Farley (center)


Diaries of a White Belt Pt. 2

Written by: Isabella Farley

Edited by: Samantha Montague


My hands are sweaty and my heart is racing, but I remain calm. My focus is evident. Every takedown, every submission, every guard pass, and every escape is replaying in my head. I am visualizing the details of every technique that would allow me to dominate. I have spent many hours training for this moment, sweating on the mats, and being tapped out repeatedly. I am prepared. The pain of many chokes has caused me to improve my skills. We drill the same positions hundreds of times and start it all over again the next day. During every movement, I must be as flawless as possible, because one mistake can end it all. I believe in myself and in the effort that I have put forward. I am the end result of my blood, sweat and tears.


My headphones are blaring in my ears. I jog in place to the beat of the music to warm my muscles up. My pulse beats faster and faster as I wait for my name to be called. There I stand, alone. My thoughts are on my victory. I will succeed. I will stand on that podium. I have proven countless times than I am a champion. I shall succeed yet again because I was born to do this. With every breath I take, I can feel my dreams getting closer.


Suddenly I hear my name called. It is finally my turn. I bow in respect as I step onto the mats. I shake my opponent’s hand and then the referee’s. I feel alone however I am in a crowded room, with just my opponent. Our eyes meet as we anticipate each other’s attack. I try to stay focused on the many months of preparation, and all of the injuries, that have led me to this moment in time. The ruckus in the background does not prevent me from hearing my coach’s guidance. The sound of his voice keeps me calm as I prepare to battle for the win.


The moment the match begins I see my opening. Without hesitation I go for the take down. She is caught off guard by my quick movement and is fighting to keep her balance. With my adrenaline pumping, I go in for the kill. I achieve full mount after a minute of grappling on the ground. I make sure to stay still for three seconds to get my points. My coach tells me to “get to work” (this being the code to submit my opponent and attain my victory). My coach never calls out the submissions that I am to carry out. My opponent is given no opportunity to anticipate my next moves. We will not assist her in preparing her defense.


My prowess is witnessed upon her face when I attack her neck. She reacts by freeing up an arm, to stop me from deepening my choke upon her. The choke however, is a well-constructed and rehearsed distraction that allows me to grab her arm. This strategy comes naturally to me because we have rehearsed it so often. Firmly isolating her arm and head, I can now safely grab her wrist. I squeeze my elbow in the groove of her neck to prevent her head from moving. The submission is mine. I submit her with my favorite technique, the Americana. I feel her hand feverishly tapping on my thigh and a great wave of happiness comes over me.


I am a champion. I am on the podium.


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