December 20, 2014

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Crazy Beatdowns Issued During BJJ Promotion




Wow. The crazy beatdowns that take place during this academy’s promotion day make me scared to run this story!


The guys up for this BJJ promotion are all blue, purple and brown belts. The attackers are given boxing gloves to wear and the person up for promotion is bare-knuckled, but clearly not allowed to strike. The action that ensues is pretty intense. Combatants mimic street fighting whilst they plow into walls and sometimes onlookers. People in the back are hollering “Knees! Knees!” over top of coach’s instruction. This is obviously intended to create an intense, real world fighting rush so that if a real fight was to occur, the student would be ready.


Please do not assume that I think that this style of promotion is wrong. I am merely saying that the videos are definitely interesting to watch (to say the least)!