April 23, 2021

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Check Out This Amazing Custom Mouth Guard For BJJ & MMA!





I like to wear real gold grillz on occasion. Love me or hate me for it. So I really wanted to find a custom mouthguard set that looked extremely authentic!

I went through the websites of some different companies when I happened upon the beautiful mouthguards at www.dcmouthguards.com! This particular mouthguard was made in conjunction with rapper Paul Wall!

There are so many cool designs to choose from it is ridiculous! These are not your typical boil and bite. DC mouthguards send you out a custom mouth molding kit. It is super easy to do the molds. You rub one playdough like ball into another playdough like ball until they form one solid color. Then you line the accompanying top and bottom trays with the mix, bite down, and hold for five minutes.

***Direct link to purchase your own grillz here!***

The molds came out perfectly on the first shot. Next you put your molds into the return package provided, and within a few days I had my Grillz in hand.

They fit perfectly obviously and look amazing. I had a slightly sore back gum, it was easy to take scissors and cut off a small piece or the back of the mouthguard. Definitely not a technical defect on their manufacturing.

These feel great and are comfortable to bite down on. These go for $249.00 and are worth every bit. I love mine! Check out some pictures below!

The Grillz come with a keychain, stickers, and a hard shell case that attaches to a keyring!
Real gold on the bottom. Hard to see the difference! Thanks DC Mouthguards!