Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is The Best Sport For A Family To Do Together


by Brooke George


The bond between a father and daughter is irreplaceable. This has become even more evident to me with starting Jiu-Jitsu. My dad has been with me every step, choke, and arm bar along the way.


I started off BJJ alone, but it didn’t take long for my dad to join me. After watching a couple classes he quickly joined in on the fun. Having my dad on the mat with me has changed a lot of things about our relationship. From him being my live in training partner to supporting me at every competition, he is always there for me.


Having good training partners at the gym is awesome. Having a good live in training partner is even better. When my dad and I leave the gym, Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t stop. The whole ride home we are talking about the new moves we learned and we are dissecting every roll we had. This has helped me in developing my game and has helped me remember things I would have forgotten by talking back over them.


Drilling doesn’t stop either. It didn’t take long for us to turn our spare bedroom into a mini gym with mats. Now whenever we want to practice drills or we want to settle an argument by rolling, we don’t have to get carpet burn in the basement. We can just go into our gym.


Having your dad in your corner during your matches is something special too. When he is involved in the sport and understands what is going on it is even better. I love knowing that win or lose my dad will be there afterwords to give me a hug and tell me how proud he is of me.


The support my dad has had for me through my entire Jiu-Jitsu journey has been incredible. It has strengthened our relationship and has given us another thing that we both love doing together. I wouldn’t trade anything for having my dad there to choke me and help make me a better athlete!





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