December 22, 2014

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Blind, Missing Fingers, And A BJJ World Champion




Blind, Missing Fingers, And A BJJ World Champion


Russell Redenbaugh is an amazingly inspirational and interesting person. While in his twenties Russell performed a failed rocket fuel experiment (he was a model rocket enthusiast) in his garage which would cause him to go blind and to lose the faculties of several of his fingers. This however would not stop Russell from going on to becoming a millionaire, and a BJJ world champion.


The accident had caused the immediate loss of one of Russell’s eyes. He eventually lost the use of his other eye and it was not able to be restored surgically. While still in the hospital Mr. Redenbaugh declared, “I would not be dependent. I would not be poor. I would not live at home. I would live in the sighted world, doing sighted things.”


Phil Migliarese, a 5th Degree BJJ Black Belt, was introduced to Russell and immediately felt compelled to help him learn Jiu Jitsu.



Russell Redenbaugh is now in his late 60’s, still practices BJJ, and is a millionaire capital advisor who has been written about in Forbes Magazine and has been featured on TEDx Talks.


Nothing was going to stop Russell Redenbaugh from being a success in BJJ and in life. What may I ask is holding you back? Go Train!