January 4, 2015

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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BJJ Red Belt Rolling With Black Belts In Abu Dhabi




BJJ Red Belt Rolling With Black Belts In Abu Dhabi


It is not everyday that you get to see a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Red Belt live rolling. Today however, is one of those days. Check out this brand new video of Grandmaster Hilton Leao rolling with black belts in Abu Dhabi.



If you think earning a BJJ black belt takes a long time you should try imagining the 40 years average of being an instructor that it takes to earn your BJJ red belt!


Via Wikipedia: According to Renzo & Royler Gracie, in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the red belt is reserved “for those whose influence and fame takes them to the pinnacle of the art”. It is awarded in lieu of a ninth and tenth degree black belt. If a practitioner receives his or her black belt at 19 years old, the earliest they could expect to receive a ninth degree red belt would be at the age of 67. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu red belt holders are often addressed within the art by the title grandmaster.