Ashton Kutcher Wears A Black Belt At De La Riva’s Academy




I thought this was interesting and haven’t seen this covered before.


TV star Ashton Kutcher, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt (pictured in a recent photo below), is clearly wearing a Black Belt in the presence of legendary BJJ Black Belt Ricardo De La Riva (pictured above).




I found one blurb of the visit that stated:


“Ashton Kutcher, was in yesterday, June 13, to see Ricardo de la Riva, in Rio de Janeiro. Ashton showed that he understands the subject and trained very well with the Black Belts of the academy. Ashton learned the secret of one of the world’s most famous guards, the De la Riva guard, which was demonstrated by the master himself.


There is a watermark on the photo for Upon trying to go to that website for more information I realized that the domain is currently for sale.


Do celebrities get special treatment because of their social status when training in Brazil? Did Ashton forget his purple belt and a black one was the only one available to wear? The world may never know.


Joe Rogan discusses the legitimacy of Ashton’s Purple Belt


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