April 23, 2021

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Ari Knazan Survives Internet Hate And Finally Earns BJJ Black Belt




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Ari Knazan Survives Internet Hate And Finally Earns BJJ Black Belt


Ari Knazan was promoted to BJJ black belt on November 24, 2016 by his coach and mentor Keith Owen. Ari is the creator of the popular YouTube channel “Submissions 101”.


Ari has faced many internet criticisms in the past and because of that was held at brown belt for what I think is an extended period of time, but rightfully so if you believe in the wisdom of Keith Owen.


Here is an example of some of the criticisms:


1) Films him beating on his know nothing white belt students and gives them theme songs, and puts them in slow-mo matches.


2) Films his students competing and puts captions on the screen when they get some “super specific 10th PJJ move” that really i’snt super specific.


3) Doesn’t actually compete himself (or roll with anyone good for that matter).


4) Tries to act all innocent and nice on the internet like he means no harm, but its all a scam because he knowingly sat and argued with several BLACK BELTS over on the UG.


5) Filmed himself doing a technique blatantly wrong, and advised EVERYONE to do it that way, then when he got scolded by EVERYONE, he took the video down because of his embarrassment.


6) Tries to work over the BJJ community (First was Eddie Bravo, so he could avoid having to actually wear a white belt. Ironic since it was no gi, he didnt have to wear a white belt, and he NEVER actually claimed to be a white belt in 10th PJJ, he just said he had “no rank, and is working on his purple shirt”).


7) Lied and said his guys all competed Intermediate and Advanced when several other competitors have said they were all in Novice and Beginner divisions (again, Ari wouldnt compete because he had to focus on “Coaching”, which was ironic because I’ve seen several competitors coach, and compete at the same time).


8) Lied about having been formally trained in BJJ prior to Eddie Bravo, and him filming his instructional YouTube videos (then later came out and said he attended “a couple of seminars”, but he wouldn’t say who taught the seminars, or where.)


9) Even lies about some of the JJJ he offers (he never would give sources of where his Ninjitsu training was from).


10) Denied rolling at his Chicago seminar (which is why the attendance was so low).


Hater are gonna hate but Ari has weathered the storm! Hear him tell his story below.