September 25, 2021

White Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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(Advice) White Belt Question

Question from a fan of the page:

“Has anyone ever had the issue of nowhere to train? I’ve put in 6 months of my life so far to this journey and I’m only a white belt but it is something beautiful to me. In my life filled with pain and chaos it’s the only peace I ever find. Sadly in this small town only a handful of us really cherish BJJ, though it’s not enough to pay the bills, so no I have no where even close to here to train. I feel like all my hard work was to just hit a wall. Seeing as I cant afford a car due to paying for my moms bills and for her to go to school and taking care of my daughter..I feel kind of hopeless..had to rant and wonder if someone has been in this position..if so, what do I do? All I can do is drill what I know until I figure something out.”

What do you all think? Leave your answer in the comments section! OSS!