June 28, 2022

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7-year-old brain-dead after being thrown more than 20 times in judo class

7-year-old brain-dead after being thrown more than 20 times in judo class

A 7-year-old boy suffered an intracranial hemorrhage and will remain in a vegetative state even if he survives being taken off the life support systems, doctors said, after performing surgery on the boy who was rushed to hospital after losing consciousness during a judo class in Taichung City, Wednesday, April 21.

The first grade student of Nanyang Elementary School in Fengyuan District, Taichung City, named Huang, was in his second judo class, after enrolling April 8, when the coach allegedly ordered a 10-year-old student to throw him repeatedly, according to reports including Apple Daily.

After being thrown a number of times, the boy rose to his hands and knees and complained that his legs hurt, but the coach ordered him to stand up to be thrown again, according to the reports.

A judo coach orders a boy to stand up after the boy cries and complains that his legs hurt.
The coach ordered the boy to stand up on his own, and prevented another student from helping him up, according to Apple Daily.

After the boy then failed to get up, the coach, believing that the boy was just pretending, allegedly dragged him to his feet, and threw him another seven or eight times.

After the boy became completely unresponsive, the 67-year-old coach, named Ho (何), finally stopped and said, “call an ambulance.”

According to Apple Daily, the boy’s uncle, who had taken him to the class, and the parents of other students called 119.

Huang’s father said at a press conference today that his son had arrived at the hospital and was found to have a hematoma, severe brain injury, and intracranial hemorrhage. He was declared brain-dead after surgery, and doctors said that he would probably remain in a persistent vegetative state.

A doctor who treated Huang described the boy’s battered and bruised body as being like he had been involved in a traffic accident, Liberty Times reported.

Mr Ho was interrogated by police today, and sent to the District Prosecutor’s Office to face charges of suspected negligent injury, according to Liberty Times.

This is absolutely ridiculous and horrendous.

We are known for our lighthearted news but on occasion awareness needs to be made. This must never happen again.