July 14, 2020

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5 Things You Can Do For BJJ While Your Gym Is Closed For Coronavirus





No matter what your opinion about Covid-19 is, places are beginning to close. BJJ and MMA gyms are beginning to close quickly.

There is literally nothing that brings you into closer quarters with another person as BJJ. In our sport one of the objectives is to eliminate as much space as possible between ourselves and our opponent. Oh boy…

Another problem with this virus for BJJ practitioners is that our sports is highly addictive. Your bowling league or your pool night might be cancelled for a while and you might hardly notice. You miss a few days (possibly weeks or months) of Jiu-Jitsu and the user could practically lose their minds!

Here are 5 things that you can do during these troublesome times:

1) Online Instructionals – This is the probably the most obvious one to do. I am a bit bitter about this one though because I noticed that every BJJ black belt with a name and techniques to sell you online, quickly jumped aboard the “close everything down” ship. This in turn put a stigma upon other gym owners to close. There has literally not been one case made public of someone getting the virus from BJJ. Rener Gracie, Keenan Cornelius, Stephan Kesting, Bernardo Faria and more with online instructionals to sell all claimed that everyone should stop training BJJ.

That being said, right now while the gym is closed, online training will prove useful. If you are on a budget join Eddie Bravos website. It is the best value at $4.95 per month. You get techniques and tons of other entertainment as well.

2) Solo Drills – There are plenty of solo drills that can be done at home and hey don’t require a lot of space. Here are some examples:

There are many, many more solo drill videos on YouTube to watch. I encourage you to give them a view and see which you like the best. The above are two that I enjoy.

3) Workout – Getting into shape and staying in shape are definitely some things you will want to do during a break from BJJ. If you have a home gym, use it. If you have a local gym that is open 24 hours, go during off peak hours. I personally love going to the gym late at night. You get the whole place to yourself, and plenty of free sanitizer.

Here is a body workout for BJJ that you can try:

4) Blog – Is Jiu-Jitsu the only thing you think about? Check out how to start your own blog or Facebook fan page where you can share your journey with others. It is quite therapeutic to be able to share your thoughts with others. Who knows you might even enjoy it enough to continue after the virus!

5) Take a break – Realize that in this long game of Jiu-Jitsu there will come times where you will need a physical or mental break. Look at this as beneficial self imposed break. Absence makes the heart grow more fond. Take the time off and do not feel guilty about it. Try out a secondary hobby. Spend time with family and friends you don’t normally get to see because of a heavy BJJ schedule. Whatever you do, don’t start drinking and being lazy.