Whatever Jiu-Jitsu Breaks, It Fixes In Other Ways.


by Brooke George


Since I started Jiu-Jitsu, many things about my life have changed. From broken toes becoming the norm, learning a little bit of Portuguese, changes to my health, free time, and shopping habits… One can definitely say that Jiu-Jitsu has changed my life.


Before I stepped onto the mats I was an athlete in other sports, but I didn’t care about my body the way BJJ has lead me to do. This sport has helped me see the amazing things that my body is capable of.


Because of this I have begun to eat much more healthy in order to fuel my body to work more efficiently. I enjoy running more now to help improve my cardio and also doing yoga to improve my flexibility.


Along with the positive changes in my health, there are some “negative” ones that come too.


Broken toes are something I have constantly. It seems as soon as one heals, another one breaks, and there isn’t enough tape to keep them together. A broken nose is also an injury I’ve had to deal with, but luckily it healed fast.


My free time looks different than it used to as well. For instance, three days a week I’m at the gym and on the mats. The other four days I’m doing some sort of other physical activity like hitting the heavy bag, running, or yoga (to keep improving my BJJ); with an occasional rest day thrown in there somewhere.


Besides being more physically active since I joined a BJJ academy, I also watch different things. Instead of watching college basketball, its the latest Eddie Bravo Invitational; or instead of hosting movie nights, it’s fight nights to watch the latest UFC. When I surf through YouTube I find myself having to do google translations of Portuguese in order to actually understand what they are saying in the videos that I watch.


I love shopping. Since I joined Jiu-Jitsu my shopping habits have drastically changed. Instead of buying new jeans and dresses, I’m saving up to buy a new gi, rash guard, or spats (because lets be real, you can never have enough)! If I’m not buying new clothing for Jiu-Jitsu, I’m saving up for the next seminar, buying the latest issue of JiuJitsuMag, or paying gym fees.


All of these changes that have come about in my life since stepping onto the mats have had a positive impact, except for draining my bank account and some minor bone breaks…but I wouldn’t change anything about it!


Sometimes it’s just a part of this sport. I love this sport and I love this lifestyle!





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