To Those Who Lose Their First Jiu-Jitsu Competition


To Those Who Lose Their First Jiu-Jitsu Competition


Every Saturday the Jiu-Jitsu competitor sees their timeline loaded with the thrilling victories that occur that day. Rarely do you get a glimpse into the agonizing defeats. We don’t share our ugly photos over Social Media (unless that’s all you can make haha) and we aren’t keen to sharing our defeated moments to the world. We like to present our “best foot” for the most part.


For every match won in BJJ, someone else had to lose that match.


If you were one of the ones who did not win your matches, the world is not over. Not only is it not over but you should feel as if a whole new world has opened for you! You have broken through the initial competition fears and anxieties and have thrown yourself onto the mats for the world to see, either coming home with your shield, or on it. You have done what many in our sport have not done and will never do!


There are many attitudes that you can take moving forward. You can be depressed and down on yourself, or you can take away the memories and the fun time and walk away with a wealth of experience that you would not have had otherwise. The real trick is to not make excuses for yourself. Don’t tell yourself that the only reason that you lost is because the other person cut more weight, was bigger, stronger, better looking, or anything like that. Simply tell yourself that you are going to go back into the gym, talk with your coaches about your mistakes, and build a stronger plan for the next time.


Your second competition will be so much easier for you than the first. The time will come where you feel the thrill of victory and all of the accolades that come along with it so do not stress for now. Simply commit yourself to work harder next time.