The Most Frustrating Part Of Jiu-Jitsu – Injuries


by Brooke George


The most frustrating part of Jiu Jitsu I have experienced so far is being injured and forced off the mat. In my last tournament the ref missed my tap to a belly down arm bar and it caused a hyper-extended elbow and a partial UCL tear in my elbow. If being injured has made me realize anything it’s appreciate for the time on the mat and how I’ve taken it for granted. I have taken being able to step on the mats for granted due to the fact that I have always been able to go. Nothing has stopped me before.


With being injured and now sick on top of it, all I want to do is get healthy but I can’t make it happen which I think is the most frustrating part. I can’t work harder to make myself better which makes me feel lazy. I can’t take something or see enough doctors because it just takes time to heal and takes time to go through the steps of physical therapy to heal properly, which is frustrating. I get upset because there is nothing I can do but rest and try to take care of my body. Only time came fix it. Time is something we can’t control and I don’t like my time away from the mat being controlled by something other than myself.


Even through all this frustration, it has given me an even greater appreciation for training than I already had. It makes me want to be that much better when I get back and that much healthier. It will make the days where I feel tired or sore seem like a piece of cake because being off the mat for so long is so hard for me. I would rather be at my gym with my team than anywhere else and there were plenty of days where I did just that and watched.


Time will pass, I will get through physical therapy, and I’ll be back on the mats in no time! Jiu-Jitsu is a lifelong sport, this is just a bump in the road.






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