Black Belt Instructor Assaults White Belt With Chair After IBJJF Match?!


It looks like a flexing white belt was enough to trigger a Gracie Barra Instructor to jump the fence and throw a chair at a competitor who just beat one of his students.

Via Pablo Silva on Facebook:

BJJ Community, help me make sure this guy will never step foot inside any BJJ event ever again.

I hope @IBJJF will forget about what team he’s from and make the right decision.

I have been competing for over 15 years and I have never seen anybody doing something like that. He has disrespected the competitors, his students, his team, and the sport itself. Behavior like this from a Head coach/Black belt is unacceptable. In jiu jitsu, we know when two people step on the mat only one will come out with the victory. Can you imagine if every coach acted the way he did after a student’s loss?

IBJJF Austin Open 2018

Gracie Barra Black Belt Ulpiano Malachias (Owner and head instructor at Gracie Barra Westchase in Houston) goes crazy after witnessing his student/ head wrestling coach losing the match by a takedown in the final seconds. The opponent flexes in celebration and Ulpiano jumps over the barricade, grabs and throws a chair at him, and continues to charge onto the mat to shove his student’s opponent.

The black belt instructor had this to say in his defense:

“His students [is] being instigating and disrespecting person, he won the match on the last 5 seconds and he finishes and look for me flex me and call me mo fo, l don’t have to have a white belt disrespecting me. My attitude have nothing to do with the result but with what he said and the reason [that] he flex me, Now he try make a video to make me look bad.”


Check out the video below:





Ulpiano Malachias has released this latest apology moments ago:

Here is Malachias’ open apology:

First, I would to like to apologize to the IBJJF which I’ve been a member of for over 20 years, longer than most people who even attended the Austin open this year. I never have had one misconduct at any tournament. Second to my team Gracie Barra and my students because as a professor I should hold the standards of my team and my colleagues higher. Besides the fact that I’m a black belt professor and need to lead by example I am a man and father and when someone (especially a white belt at a tournament) calls me a **** multiple times and flip me off it’s hard to not react on the moment. The video that was posted doesn’t show everything and was majorly edited to make me look like i was not instigated and i just went crazy for no reason or because the loss of the match. When in reality, my reaction had nothing to do with the result of the match. The kid was talking trash leading up to the tournament and during the tournament and then after the match while he was inside the ring he stood up looked for me, flipped me off and called me a ‘****’. So the disrespect was be mutual and started with him. Doesn’t make what i did ‘right’ but every story has 2 sides and what was post on social media only show his side. As most people know that every time that team have a chance to play the victim they will do it. I hope his professor teaches his students how to respect black belts and their sport one day.

To sum it up: Sorry IBJJF, Sorry Gracie Barra, F*** you still little white belt. 🤣

**********UPDATE AGAIN**********

The IBJJF has given this statement to FloGrappling:

“The unfortunate happenings this weekend in Austin, Texas are inconceivable and not to be tolerated under any circumstances. It is a disservice for the BJJ community and of our views for the growth of the sport.

“IBJJF staff is collecting and analyzing all of the facts and will come to a conclusion soon on how to deal with the problem. As of now that person is suspended indefinitely from any activity in the organization.”




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White Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Group
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A group for all things Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Life, etc.


Xande Ribeiro Hates Current Rules On Reaping! Incredible Interview With Jiu-Jitsu Legend


Xande Ribeiro joins us in the studio for an amazing conversation where he discusses:
• His incredible 17-year black belt career
• The one rules he dislikes most in jiu-jitsu (hint: it’s reaping!)
• Tapping 25+ guys in a row with no break at seminars, while hungover
• Maybe becoming the next Megaton!





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White Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Group
Facebook Group · 21,730 members

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A group for all things Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Life, etc.


Mahamed Aly 2018 Super Heavyweight Black Belt World Champion Highlight


In terms of Jiu-Jitsu, this is the man to beat right now. This year he beat Leandro Lo and Merigali with a broken foot!

Check out this sick highlight video by FloGrappling!





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White Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Group
Facebook Group · 21,730 members

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A group for all things Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Life, etc.


Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor Becomes 5th American BJJ Black Belt World Champion In History!


IBJJF Worlds 2018 is now over and the dust is settling. It was an awesome tournament overall and some history was made as well.

For the 5th time ever in IBJJF history, an American has won a black belt world title!

The title was won by Maryland native Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor. He won the featherweight title by defeating Leo Saggioro in the Finals, 4-2.


Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor was born on December 8, 1995 in Suitland, Maryland – United States of America.

Growing up very connected with sports, Shane played football and practiced Tae Kwon Do in his early childhood. Jiu-Jitsu crossed Jamil’s path at the age of 8, when he was convinced by a few friends to join Team Lloyd Irvin’s (TLI) Summer camp. The experience greatly enhanced his interest for grappling as he explained:

During my first week of camp I was told to pass one of the grappling kids guard, and for 5 minutes I tried to run around the legs with no success. From that moment on I wanted to train and at the end of the Summer I was put into the grappling program.”

At TLI’s Jiu-Jitsu kids program Shane met Donald Achnick (also known as “Master Donnie”). Achnick became a strong influence in Hill-Taylor’s development as a BJJ athlete, following Jamil’s evolution throughout all belts.

Shane Hill-Taylor first started competing in 2005, immediately falling in love with the tournament aspect of this martial art/sport. His interest expanded further once Shane witnessed (from the sidelines) his first IBJJF World Championship back in 2009. He decided then he wanted to pursue a career as a professional grappler, competing the following year in the sport’s most important tournament, placing second in the blue belt juvenile division.

Shane’s jiu jitsu skills showed potential for greatness from early on, pilling important titles to his vast grappling resume, including 3 world titles and 2 pan american titles in the lower belt divisions. Trophies that led Hill-Taylor to his black belt, a promotion that occurred on June 2016.

Shane represents a new generation of black belts and MMA fighters who have been doing the sport their entire lives, and are now old enough to show the world what’s next for the sport.

Only 4 other Americans have one the world title at black belt. They are:

BJ Penn IBJJF World Champion 2000

Robert Drysdale IBJJF World Champion 2005

Rafael Lovato Jr IBJJF World Champion 2007

Michael Musumeci IBJJF World Champion 2017

Shane has also never been submitted in competition.

Follow him on Instagram @jamilbjj




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Purple Belt Cris Cyborg Slams Her Way To A Win At IBJJF Worlds


Newly crowned UFC women’s 145 pound champion Cris Cyborg with incredible slams/takedowns and a suplex to win the 2011 Mundials BJJ Worlds in Long Beach, California.


Check it out below.





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Hall Of Famer Michelle Nicolini Interview With


michelle nicolini


Michelle Nicolini is one of the elite fighters in women’s Jiu Jitsu. She is an IBJJF Hall of Famer, an 8x Jiu Jitsu World Champion, ADCC champion and the World Pro Cup champion. She is a black belt under Robert Drysdale and is one of the main stars in the Checkmat BJJ Team.


We wanted to catch up with Michelle and see how everything has been going since her latest win against Angelica Galvao at the first Polaris Pro event held on January 10th, 2015.


polaris pro Hello Michelle Nicolini! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and the followers of White Belt BJJ about your Jiu Jitsu Journey, and your recent bout against Angelica Galvao at Polaris Pro.


Michelle Nicolini: Thank you! It has been a pleasure to have the space here to talk bit more about my BJJ journey. Fight with Angelica was nice. I was training for that fight, sub only for some time, and I could get my goal. How is everything going with you since your recent win against Angelica Galvao at Polaris Pro?


Michelle Nicolini: Everything is great. Nothing to complain! After Polaris I went back to London and I keeped training at London Fight Factory, my team Checkmat and I was getting ready for Europeans. I fought last weekend and I got another gold medal. Now I’m back in Brazil for the Abu Dhabi pro trials in Natal. I will be fighting on Sunday. What was your game plan going into the match and what concerned you the most leading up to it?


Michelle Nicolini: My game was the goal of the show: SUBMIT my opponent.  You are known for your footlocks and you won the match with one. What is it that draws you personally to the lure of foot attacks? Is it because they are effective against larger opponents? Or is it more because you feel safe, defensively speaking, when attacking legs and feet? I ask because I am beginning to find my way with them and would like to know your perspective.


Michelle Nicolini: Footlocks are easy for me. I saw it in many different places. But I think the combination of my game make it happens more. I get sweep for example, I end up on top, or I gonna pass or if you start to resist to much I will try to attack your foot.


michellenicolini You have said that you are tired of fighting for medals and that it is time for you to continue with MMA. Are you taking the time to do that now that Polaris is over? or are you training for an upcoming BJJ event?


Michelle Nicolini: I did the Euros cause I was already in Europe. So always nice to fight where BJJ is still growing if we compare with America. But this year, we had so many competitors that maybe this event gonna be bigger than others in US. Polaris was awesome. I’m sure they will have big success in the second edition. And they paid good! I’ve some other things before, but I’m already thinking about Abu Dhabi Pro in April. As I lost last year, I’m super motivated to win this year. MMA probably in June. Did you watch this season of the Ultimate Fighter seeing as it featured all ladies from your MMA weight class? How do you think you would have done if you were on the show? Who was your favorite straw-weight fighter of the season and why?


Michelle Nicolini: I didn’t watch all the show, but I was following some. I’m super excited to meet one of the finalist girls one day in the cage. They are all good. I think if I had been there I would had learn a lot from the coaches and I could do good too. But when they asked me if I wanted to go in the house, it was too late, I had other plans and I preferred to not cancel. I will be there one day! You said about Ronda Rousey that “Talk is cheap if you never show up” (referring to Worlds). A fight between the two of you in MMA wouldn’t happen because of the weight difference, that being said, do you think you can beat her in the gi? What would you do to nullify her takedowns and extra 20 – 30 lbs?


Michelle Nicolini:  I believe on my Jiu Jitsu. I fought big girls before. I won sometimes, I lose others. Its hard to say the result of a fight before it happen. But I would for sure pull guard and I’m sure she wouldn’t pass!  You need have lot of ability to pass a guard without expose yourself. We have a large following of BJJ ladies and a large amount of white belt followers (obviously haha)? What advice do you have for white belts starting out in BJJ? And then what advice do you have specifically for the ladies who are starting out in BJJ? This is your time to share your knowledge with a lot of new BJJ players!


Michelle Nicolini: White belts, don’t miss the classes. Go as much you can so you will learn the sequence of the techniques and it will be easier to memorize. For the ladies, I know sometimes it’s hard to train with the guys, but I trained most of my time with them. And as much we learn easier and better it will be. Remember to not try exchange power with them, be technical and faster! Without giving away all of your secrets, when you are rolling with the guys, what adjustments (if any) do you make to your game that perhaps other ladies could use?


Michelle Nicolini: One of my coaches I had, Drysdale, he always used to say for me to not exchange power with a guy, so I learned it so good. Of course BJJ is little bit about power but I’m 100% convinced if you move yourself first then you try to move your opponent you will have a large advantage. So it’s not a secret, I move more than my opponents. I use a lot my legs, cause they are stronger than my arms. And all works good!! I think so heheheh. Thank you very much for your time Michelle. Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge? Any sponsors you would like to mention?


Michelle Nicolini: Thank you to Tatami fight wear, first year together and it has been so good for me. They gave me a great support. Thank you to my team Checkmat, The House Fight Co., London Fight Factory, all the people who always send me messages and to everyone reading this article. So glad you guys want to know about me, my BJJ career. Thank you!! Thanks again and best wishes to you and yours!


Michelle Nicolini: Thank you!!


Check out some videos of Michelle Nicolini in action below. In the first video Michelle breaks Tammi Musumeci’s arm or comes very close to doing so. The second one is a fantastic highlight video.




This IBJJF Referee Did Not Get The Memo!




It seems as though someone forgot to remind this IBJJF referee that the “Estima Footlock” is now legal at all belt levels. This is because it is a straight ankle lock variation.


Check out the IBFFJ rules here.


What do you think after watching the video? Did the DQ’d gentleman attack a heel hook, or was it a legal technique?



WBBJJ Private Lessons #1 – James “300” Foster






In the past you have seen our “Private Sessions” interviews, where we get to know various BJJ players. Now we will also be doing “Private Lessons” (you see what we did there?) videos featuring some of our favorite Jiu Jitsu personalities.


For this first installment of Private Lessons we are featuring Professor James “300” Foster. Coach Foster has been a friend to us since the very beginning. He was our first Private Sessions interviewee. In this video Coach Foster teaches us some of his Guard Passing concepts!



Thank you Coach Foster for the technique!


Connect with Professor Foster on your favorite social media sites:

Facebook athlete page =

Instagram = @shoyorollplayboy

Twitter = @fosterjiujitsu


If you would like to film a Private Lessons video for us, or know someone you would like to see do a Private Lessons video. Please contact us!