Leg Lock Tutorial And Training With Eddie Cummings – Firas Zahabi




Leg Lock Tutorial and Training with Eddie Cummings – Firas Zahabi


Sorry white belts in the gi. This particular post may not be the most suitable for you.


If you move onto advanced no-gi or freestyle grappling this new video from Georges St-Pierre’s coach, Firas Zahabi, will prove to be very helpful!


(For now though you can still have a great time attacking with the straight ankle lock!)



Top 15 BJJ And Grappling Matches of 2014




Check out this incredible new compilation of the best BJJ and grappling matches of 2014!! Here is a list of the matches included!


1. Metamoris 4 – Keenan Cornelius vs Vinny Magalhães


2. IBJJF Worlds 2014 – Marcus Buchecha vs Keenan Cornelius


3. IBJJF Worlds 2014 – Felipe Pena vs Andre Galvao


4. Metamoris 4 – Saulo Ribeiro vs Rodrigo Medeiros


5. IBJJF Worlds 2014 – Otavio Sousa vs Leandro Lo


6. Metamoris 3 – Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie


7. Metamoris 4 – Andre Galvao vs Chael Sonnen


8. IBJJF NO-GI Worlds 2014 – Keenan Cornelius vs Yuri Simões


9. World Pro Jiu Jitsu 2014 – Marcus Buchecha vs Rodolfo Vieira


10. World Pro Jiu Jitsu 2014 – Andre Galvao vs Romulo Barral


11. Metamoris 5 – Keenan Cornelius vs Yuri Simões


12. Metamoris 5 – Roberto Satoshi vs Jake Shields


13. IBJJF Worlds 2014 – Leandro Lo v Keenan Cornelius


14. World Pro Jiu Jitsu 2014 – Andre Galvao vs Rodolfo Vieira


15. IBJJF Worlds 2014 – Michael Langhi vs JT Torres


Enjoy the video below!