The 10 Best BJJ Vines Of 2014




The Best BJJ Vines Of 2014


Vine has quickly become one of the most popular social media networks in recent years. Vine allows users to upload 6 second videos to share with followers. A wealth of comedic material has been produced using this shortened video format. It did not take meme-makers long to start adding text to these video clips in order to make funny video memes.


We have compiled the 10 best BJJ vines of 2014 here for your viewing pleasure! (Click the speaker icon on each clip for audio)












Follow these pages on Vine for the best BJJ video memes:


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(Meme) Times Have Changed In Terms Of BJJ Rules


In the 90’s you could headbutt, bite, scratch and punch someone in the nuts! Now you have to delve into a book of bylaws to find out if you did a leglock wrong or if you’re foot has moved too slightly across someone’s hip. I’m not saying the old way was the best but if a white belt wants to slap on a kneebar then have at it hoss!





(Meme) Thou Shalt Not Miss BJJ. It’s A Sin.


Always remember that when you miss class your team is improving beyond you, your tournament opponent is improving beyond you, and you lose that much more of an edge against someone that wants to physically harm you in a real world scenario.





(Meme) It Sucks To Be Injured


It sucks to be injured! You can’t do what you love because you were hurt doing what you love! It is a part of the game though. After all, we aren’t baking cakes. If you are out there, and injured, we feel your pain. Stay strong and get well soon!