Refresh Yourself To Focus On The Fight


by Brooke George


A new adventure awaits Friday as I step on an airplane and head to Florida. This years two week family vacation is doubling as a camp. When I get back I will have just a few days before my next Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Chicago, Illinois, where I will be competing for the second time. I’m looking forward to getting on the mats again for competition and testing myself to see how much I’ve improved in the last four months.


I am going to use this time on the beach to refresh, get focused, and train! I am looking forward to time away from all distractions to be able to make myself my number one priority. I am lucky enough to have a live in training partner and a family that is very supportive of my goals. That training partner is my dad who will also be going on vacation with me. Not only is my dad my sparing partner, but my mom and sister both workout with me and help motivate me. Although I will be away from my gym, as my family and I are preparing to leave, we have out workouts planned out together. This includes morning runs on the beach, drilling by the pool, and lots of other cardio and weight lifting. Not every family is willing to wake up early on vacation to get a work out in, or two, but my family is and I can’t thank them enough for that.


Their support from workouts transfer to the kitchen as well. Normally vacations are the time to eat what you want and not have it matter. I’ve heard it said before that “vacation calories don’t count.” Well that’s just not true. This vacation I’ll be eating my “camp diet” which consists mostly of lots of fruit, vegetables, and lean meats. There isn’t any room for dessert when getting healthy and staying at my weight. That means there is lots of meal prep taking place and it would be much harder without my family doing it alongside me.


This time to focus on training will give me the perfect opportunity to ensure that I’m in the best shape I can possibly be and that I won’t have any troubles making weight. Having two weeks no distraction I will have the perfect to get my mind right and get focused. I will use morning mediation as well as writing down my goals to make sure I am as mentally prepared as I can possibly be, because mental preparation and toughness is just as important as the physical side.




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