Nage Komi Crash Mats



Nage Komi Crash Mats

This new training tool is ideal to safely teach throwing techniques. The Fuji Nage Komi mat is designed to absorb impact, look great, and fit perfectly into your existing mat area at a 1x2m Size. The beveled edges on 2 sides allow for a better approach and more natural footing for throws.




Specially formulated foam specially developed to provide a consistent and safer landing from throws.


The surface and sides are fully laminated with a very strong smooth vinyl.
Sides & Bottom:  The tapered edge aids with your approach to a throw. The same backing as your FUJI Tatami Mats helps keep this mat in place and the 1 x 2m size allows you to fit as many as you need into your layout.


Price: $315.00/ea + shipping

The NAGE KOMI Mat comes in Blue.

Delivery Time: TBD

Order at least x2 or more, and add to your crash pad area with additionals anytime!

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Weight 30 lbs