Product Review: MMA PACK – Loot Crate


Training is hard. Getting Great gear shouldn’t be.


Welcome to! They are a subscription based loot crate service based in the United States. They send $100 worth of premium MMA gear, clothes, supplements and accessories to your door every month for only $39.


You sweat, bleed, get punched and submitted every day. And you PAY for it. You are part of a special breed of person that fights for you have. You know better than most men that this training makes you strong in body and spirit. Getting great gear and clothing for your love should be easy and cheaper. We do this for you. Focus on your training and get premium shirts, shorts, rash guards and supplements and a steep discount.


Pictured below are the items that I received in the pack that was sent to me.



For my full gallery of my first MMA PACK click here.


To get 20% off of your first pack use code WBBJJ at checkout!



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