Why Do Some People Get Better At BJJ Faster


What makes some people in BJJ progress faster than others? This is a loaded question I received recently.

I say loaded because there are so many things that can factor into progression in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Everything from pure genetic potential, to eating habits, sleep habits, level of responsibility outside of the gym and so on.

But our friend left the idea of mindset on the table in his question. So I imagine he thinks your mindset in BJJ has something to do with skill progression. And it does!

So I stuck with that as a focus as to a factor of faster BJJ progression.

Assuming all things are equal. Mindset is one of the biggest factors to progression in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

I know from personal experience. Simply changing my mindset literally make my game completely change and jump, in a positive way, in around a year.

It wasn’t the easiest thing, as it required me to relax and let go of some of my personal baggage. And only came after a tough conversation that transpired with my coaches. But boy did it make a difference.

While this video may not be applicable to you. Because maybe you already represent “Student B” on the mats. You can use the idea of staying relaxed and being more open to information for just about anything.

thanks for watching!





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